Electronic Logging Device

ELD – Electronic Logging Device is designed to automatically record the driver’s time of driving and other aspects related to the observance of hours of service (HOS). This device carries out the above actions by monitoring the car’s engine, through connecting to this engine directly, and tracking the movement and time spent on the way of the driver himself. Life is easier, right? The ELD Mandate, also known as the ELD Final Rule, was introduced by the FMCSA in December 2015. And that regulation requires commercial vehicle drivers to electronically track their job status using appropriate ELDs and paper logs. The driver’s working schedule is dictated by the unambiguous and strict provision of this very law, according to which he is entitled to a total of 70 hours of actual driving for 8 days, 14 working hours a day, of which 11 hours – for actual driving and another 3 hours – for any other activity, with the exception of the movement of the truck. Waiting time for loading – 3 hours. Non-stop working cannot last longer than 8 hours, a minimum break of half an hour is required.

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