How to Get Your Freight Broker Authority

Newcomers in the field of business often ask themselves: “Why do I need a freight broker if I can negotiate it myself?” However, this profession is extremely important when goods are transported, and even more important is the experience of a freight broker, because the success of the transaction depends on him. But what qualities should such a specialist have and what should he know?

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

Freight broker is the middleman between cargo owner and carrier. With the help of a freight broker, customers will have no doubt that something can happen to the cargo. As he guarantees safe delivery at a certain time. The broker’s value of the consideration is the difference between what the shipper pays and what the carrier accepts as payment.

What are the Responsibilities of a Freight Broker?

The work of a freight broker includes the following elements:

  • to look for potential clients for the company;
  • to collect information about cargoes for the company;
  • to negotiate price and terms of payment;
  • to control and check the loading and transportation of cargoes;
  • to follow and report information about the transportation of cargoes to the client;
  • to take responsibility for solving urgent situations that arise during the movement of goods;
  • to ends the delivery process.

What Does It Take to Become a Freight Broker?

  1. Education.

You don’t need to get an education to become a broker. But if you want to be demanded and competitive specialist, you will need a certificate of secondary education or GED.

It will be a huge advantage for you if you have a bachelor’s degree in business or in some related field.

  1. Training and professional development.

Prepare before applying for a job by reading books or taking short online courses to help you understand the basics of a freight broker.

If the company hires you already as a freight broker, then you will most likely be trained and learn how to use the software (if you didn’t know how to do it before).

  1. Obtaining the certificate.

In order to become a freight broker, you must obtain the appropriate license. However, one license will not be enough, so it is important that you also obtain other certifications in order to be more knowledgeable in this area.

You should understand that you can choose only one of two ways to work as a freight broker

There are two ways to become a freight broker: work independently and not depend on anyone or work as an employee in a company.

An independent broker enters into its own contracts with clients and receives payment directly from transactions with them.

  1. Required Skills and Abilities.

Also of a great significance are the price beginner freight broker`s personal qualities, as follows:

  • broker always speak to clients and colleagues;
  • computer and technical literacy;
  • ability to negotiate with clients: agree on a price, solve a problem and attract new customers;
  • the market is changing all the time and the broker must adapt to the changes and develop more and more;
  • time-management;
  • problem solving skills;
  • social activity. From the first day of work, the broker should already be active and show his competence as much as possible;
  • emotional intellect. This ability will help you recognize the emotions and intentions of customers and lead to a successful transaction.


Regardless of whether you want to be an independent broker or work for a company, you need to have basic knowledge as in any other industry. After all, the success of the transaction depends on you, and if you are not professional enough, neither you nor your clients will benefit from this.