A Local Company Driver

Positions in Trucking Business.

Hello, guys!

Today is a nice day to continue a theme about different types of drivers. A Local company driver. Local trucking allows the driver to be home every night, which can be a real benefit to those with a family. The routes are local, typically within a 200 mile radius and consist of an 8-10 hour work day.

What can be said about this kind of work?

YES, it’s an incredible opportunity for a driver to be at home every day.
One gets used to a certain route, but all destinations are familiar and there is no need to use a GPS.
Honestly, the health issue has become an important theme for discussion. We can definitely say that a local driver has more health benefits due to less spent hours behind the wheel.
Despite all the great pros, if you want to earn more then local driving isn’t for you. Less working hours, less mileage, less rate.
As a summary to this topic we can say that you have to set a priority and make a choice. Think twice. Good luck 🤞

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