The Most Serious Mistakes of Freight Brokers

Have you just started working as a freight broker and are constantly making mistakes? There’s nothing wrong with that, because you have a lot of different tasks to deal with. Fortunately, there are a few tools that will allow you to do a better job and allocate your time properly.

Before we talk about the biggest mistakes freight brokers make, let’s note that in order to succeed in the field we’re considering, you need to learn how to multitask. You’ll need to look for new clients and maintain cooperation with existing ones, pay your bills, etc.

Mistake #1. Large amounts of overhead

You don’t need a lot of money to become a freight broker. You only need a computer with internet access and a cell phone to work comfortably. You can do the work from anywhere in the world. Minimum investment and ease of entry into the business is the main reason why many people decide to become a freight broker.

When increasing the number of tasks, don’t be afraid to delegate them. Hire a few people to help yourself. Try to find people who will also, like you, work from home.

Mistake #2. Lack of effort to find new clients

Of course, a large customer base is good for your bottom line. But do not focus on the quantity. It is better to work on quality. We recommend starting small. Find a few customers and establish continuous cooperation with them. However, you should not stop on this one.

Always try to expand your customer base. No matter how busy your brokerage company is. Carve out at least some time to find new clients. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Even a regular client may abandon your services.

Mistake #3. Slow billing for payment

It doesn’t matter how much freight you haul if you’re not making a profit. Even though you have time to find new shipments, you shouldn’t forget the basics: invoicing for payment. If you can’t do it yourself, hire an assistant. The expense will pay off in the end.

Without quick invoicing for clients and, consequently, quick payment of your own bills, your company won’t last long. The reason is that such situations result in debts, due to which many businessmen stop doing business.

Mistake #4. Unwillingness to invest in marketing

You need to develop the promotional aspect of your organization. After all, sooner or later, without attracting new customers, the business will be unprofitable. If you do not know much about marketing or you simply do not have time and energy for this, then you can use one of the following methods. 

To set up automatic advertising, you will need to find a base of potential customers and make them a mass mailing with your commercial offer. You can hire a separate person to do this work. The main thing in the proposal is a nice design and a detailed description of your services and your benefits. It will not be superfluous to attach a portfolio, so that potential customers can clearly see that you really have experience in the field of cargo transportation.