The Motor Vehicle Record

The Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) – is a driving or vehicle report with driving history from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Records include a list of all accidents, violation of traffic rules, driving under the influence convictions, the number, type and status of the license (active, suspended, canceled or reduced), license class, license issue and expiration date, restrictions (air brakes, manual transmission, deviation from the norm for medical reasons), endorsements, suspensions and even, unpaid parking tickets and in some states unpaid child support.

⁉️ Your company should consider MVR monitoring because you likely have more people driving on behalf of your company than you realize. And whether they drive a company vehicle or their own, if they go out and conduct business for your company, this creates liability and puts your company at risk. MVR monitoring can help mitigate this risk.

‼️ Violations like speeding tickets usually you can find within 3-5 years. More serious events like at-fault accidents or DUI convictions may remain on your record for significantly longer. Depends on how long your state keeps certain violations on its motor vehicle records.

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