Where do brokers bid on freight

The work of cargo brokers develops differently. Some have to fend off constant orders, others are always in search. Where do brokers bid on freight? We will answer this question in the article.

Search on the Internet

Most cargo resellers look for customers here. Search engines provide users with comprehensive information about a potential customer, which may include:

  • scale and type of business;
  • quantity and list of goods;
  • infrastructure of the enterprise;
  • availability of a loading area;
  • how convenient parking is.

Using relationships

Successful specialists with extensive experience usually do not lack customers. But if this happens on rare occasions, they have a wealthy clientele. Companies are happy to recommend good brokers to business partners.

Search in the business lists of the Ministry of Agriculture

This platform provides information about the agricultural and processing enterprises of the United States. Here are all the data on the types and quantities of products of plants and factories that will be transported.

An important advantage of cooperation with agricultural producers is that farmers’ and processing enterprises produce all-season products. Here you can always find customers, because food products are quickly sold out and their stocks need to be constantly replenished.

Freight brokers also receive information here about the delivery of fuel.

Application of marketing methods

To sell their services, freight brokers need to find the right connections with organizations and companies. To do this, the methods used in the search for buyers of goods are suitable. 

These include:

  1. Sending personal or cold emails.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Sending cold or warm calls.

You need to remember that before you call or write to the company, you need to follow some rules. The potential customer should be well studied. Communicate extremely politely. Before contacting, think about an approximate scenario of a letter or a telephone conversation.

Social media is also of some interest to freight brokers. But do not completely trust them, as the content has a more entertaining bias there. Turning to various sites, do not forget to report your contacts.

McRae’s Blue Book and Lists of Other Shippers

These sites are great venues for ensuring success in the freight broker business. Their advantages lie in the fact that they provide detailed information of interest to intermediaries. It includes:

  • product types;
  • data on the manufacturing company;
  • specific rates for transportation.

These sites can be useful to generalists and brokers who prefer to deal with certain types of products. Someone undertakes the delivery of any goods, others carefully study the information, evaluate the route, discuss with the client all the details of the upcoming order. For many brokers, it is important to do what they like and do better. In the early stages of work, this approach is more rational. You will become an expert in a narrow niche. Gradually, it is possible to expand specialization due to the knowledge already achieved.


The work of a cargo broker requires constant training. Each delivery gives something new. But there are all opportunities to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge.

Our company has long been engaged in the training of specialists for logistics. Many years of experience allows us to teach our listeners all the nuances of cargo delivery. Feedback from our graduates testifies to the undoubted benefits of our courses. Come to us and learn to become successful brokers.