Freight Broker Training!

This course is our experience and our mistakes. We'll show You the reality of a broker's job and teach You how to cope with it. Your success is our target and let's cooperate to achieve this. We promise to provide You support at each stage of training! Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.
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About Us

About the Freight Broker
About us

It is not always clear for people, who aren't into the trucking business, why a broker profession is needed. Knowledge that a broker has is a tool to successful and safe goods hauling. Being an intermediary between two companies, a broker must know the principle of dealing with both. They are a guarantee of timely delivery and safety of a shipper's load. Informing an employer about the status of a load is their duty. The national average salary for a freight broker in the United States is $62,105 per year, with an average additional compensation of $28,000 per year for commissions. Already interested? In our course we teach how to earn more, describing the pitfalls.

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The lack of Freight Broker

The lack of Freight Broker
specialists in the US

It is true that currently in the US, freight broker specialists are in demand. There are a lot of brokers who work using unfair methods and dirty play. So, a little number of highly qualified professionals, who are responsible and provide good service to shippers and carrier companies as well. You have everything to become one of these!
Average freight broker salary
Vacant positions so far
Training process

Training process


Learn topics

Meet structured topics that contain everything you will implement in your work.

Complete tasks

Theory without practice is nothing. Check your understanding with the help of our mentor.

Get Certificate

After that you can start working in your new profession.
Teachers and Authors

Teachers and Authors

Course program includes

Course program includes

Freight Broker Training

Freight Broker Training

The most popular freight broker training
For one year 1.200+ students successfully completed our training program.
Team`s course
Based on 9+ year experience in Brokerage and Trucking sphere, which was available for signing up from 2018.
Run and develop your own business
Based on 30+ developing brokerage firms. We help you to make a good start!
Build your career
After you finish the training program and pass an exam, we support you to create a good CV, get useful contacts and perform the first deal with a carrier company.
Each Student will get access to live support of Mentor in personal cabinet for one month.
Full course
You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor
Hours of video
Freight Broker Manual

Besides essential material and lessons you receive when applying for the training program, you also get an unbelievably valuable bonus material that can be sold as stand-alone products if you decide to do it.

These are designed to help you set up integral procedures and tools that are crucial for your business success

Fee of full training
program: $299
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
What are the legal requirements to operate as a Freight Broker?

You must submit your Freight Broker Registration application to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) through their Unified Registration System. Upon receiving your pending US DOT number you’ll also need to meet the additional requirements of proof of financial responsibility by posting a $75,000 Surety Bond or $75,000 trust fund, filing your BOC-3, and filing a yearly Unified Carrier Registration.

What's the difference in being a Freight Broker and Freight Broker Agent?

The first one works on his own, runs his company. The second one is an employee of a brokerage company and gets a commission percentage of the brokerage fee.

Can I work at home?

You not just 'can' but you 'must' work at home at the beginning in order to save money, keep your expenses low while you grow and develop your business.

What is a Freight Broker (Property Broker)?

Property Broker is the correct terminology for many names used in the business to identify what we do. Truck Broker, Freight Broker, Load Broker, Freight Agent, Transportation Broker or simply Broker or Agent are all interchangeable terms synonymous with ‘Property Broker’. An active FMCSA registration to operate as a Property Broker allows a third-party to arrange pick-up and delivery of a Shipper's product by a Carrier without ever having physical control of the shipment.

Does a Freight Broker need a broker’s license specific to their state or in each state?

Freight Brokers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The Freight Broker registration with the FMCSA allows us to make arrangement for the transportation of freight anywhere within the United States. So, no, you will not need a separate freight broker’s license for each state.

How much does it cost to apply for your Freight Broker Registration / US DOT # with the FMCSA?

The FMCSA charges $300.00 to apply for a registration with an operating status of a motor property carrier, motor passenger carrier, freight forwarder or freight broker. The FMCSA does require all new applicants to complete their registration application online through their Unified Registration system. No new applications by mail.

If you’d like, a Freight Broker Training filing specialists will file for your Freight Broker Registration on your behalf with the FMCSA for $450.00 (includes the $300.00 fee charged by the FMCSA). Plus, our course graduates are eligible for one Freight Broker Registration filing service included in their course cost ($150 value, filing service does not include the $300.00 fee charged by the FMCSA).

How much is a surety bond or trust fund?

You must post a BMC-84 surety bond or BMC-85 trust fund of at least $75,000. The amount you pay for your bond or trust fund depends on a number of factors including the type of bond you choose and the programs provided by the financial institution you choose to use.

What is a BOC-3 and how much does one cost?

A BOC-3 form is provided by a process agent. It’s a blanket form of coverage that designates a representative in each individual state upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker or freight forwarder. A BOC-3 form and filing is usually priced between $25 to $150, depending on the process agent providing the form.

Is there a need for more Freight Brokers in the industry?

U.S. Bureau of the Census County Business Patterns indicate that agricultural and manufacturing businesses are growing exponentially every year. Today, it is estimated that there are close to a million shippers in the U.S. Needless to say, there is a very large market for brokers and agents. It has recently been estimated that freight transportation cost in the U.S. is well over the multibillion dollar range annually and is rising. The amount of freight being moved by third parties, such as freight brokers, is currently estimated in the 20-30% range and growing. More shippers are using brokers and forwarders each year since it is usually much less expensive for a shipper to use an outsource, such as you and me, than to fund and maintain an in-house staff functioning as a transportation department. Employee-related costs are usually the most expensive part of any business operation. Paying a broker on a performance-only basis is the trend of the future with many shippers.

What is the difference in being a Freight Broker or a Freight Broker Agent?

A broker is the owner of his or her own company. They are required to meet all legal requirements (FMCSA Registration, Bond/Trust Fund, BOC-3) to operate as a broker.

An agent works under the umbrella of the registered broker and typically receives a commission percentage of the brokerage fee.

How much can I earn as a Freight Broker and how soon can I start earning?

Freight brokering is an excellent choice for those who are looking to build a business for themselves. Freight agents and brokers who are successful are making anywhere from $40,000.00 to upwards of six figures per year, depending upon the decision to work as an agent or broker, as well as, whether to operate a home-based business versus a larger office with employees.

This business is based on contacts and relationships. It takes time to build contacts and relationships and turn them into paying customers. Sometimes, it can take six months or longer to establish a solid customer base to see a profitable income, but it can be done in less time. Overall time lengths vary primarily on the individual’s determination and desire to succeed in this business.

Why should I attend Freight Broker Training versus other broker training schools?

Freight Broker Training will arm you with the necessary knowledge you need to succeed in this business and we will motivate you to become a true professional in the field. Freight Broker Training is the number one trainer of freight brokers in the nation. We have earned that position by training scores of future brokers and agents and delivering training that consistently exceeds student expectations. Our instructors have a combined experience of over 40 years in the transportation industry and hold college degrees with extensive classroom training experience.

Should a Freight Broker school be affiliated with a freight brokerage?

Yes! And the instructors should be actively engaged in brokering freight. How can an instructor teach something they don’t do themselves? When a school tells you they are affiliated with a brokerage ask for the brokerage name and US DOT # or MC # so you can check their FMCSA registration or authority and make sure it is current.

Your resume after training

Your resume after training

Professional skills:

Ability to Develop Creative Strategies: Strategy Skills
Negotiating for the best rates for the load
Ability to Keep Everything Organized: Organizational Skills.You are your own assistant, scheduler, booker, strategist, and financial planner. That is on top of managing your daily influx of requests and orders
Communicating with customers about freight details, delivery or pickup times, and special handling requests
Management skills: Successful freight agents have to be good managers of their workload as well as people. If you’re running a top-flight freight agency, then you know very well how easy it can be to get overwhelmed by your workload
Ability to Build and Grow Your Business: Business Skills.Once you’ve established yourself as a freight agent, you need to build a thriving business that grows. That requires a number of business skills
Documentation. Rate Confirmation, Revised Rate Confirmation.
Gathering information about goods condition
Checking the Rating of the carrier company
Ability to Make Smart Connections.Building your list of clients and contacts requires strong networking skills. As you are making connections, you have to be strategic. Think about contacts that could help your business both directly and indirectly then start networking
Job: Freight Broker
Average monthly
salary: $5.500
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Freight Broker Training Online School

Online School
Dear Future Freight Broker

You might be at a turning point in your life, not knowing which path should you take. Perhaps, you might be looking for a solid, realistic opportunity. If you're in tructhe king business, perhaps you're getting tired of the long hours spent on the road. You would like to get the best freight broker training – but you don't know how and where to start.

Here’s an idea – with my valuable and effective 6-part program that will get you up to speed on everything you need to know to become a successful freight broker.

Imagine Yourself In This Position

It's a sunny morning, and you are calling one of your regular clients – a shipper. He has a load of frozen pizzas that needs to be collected from New York and delivered to Dallas. He needs a refrigerated unit to contain pizzas.

You search your database of carriers that you have built, and you call a motor carrier. You inquire if they have a truck available to pick up in New York to deliver to Dallas. They check their availability and say, "Yes, give me the details."

You provide them all the details and tell them you will immediately fax the confirmation. You get the signed and dated confirmation faxed back in a few minutes, and several minutes later, the truck driver calls you to let you know that he is ready to start with his delivery and to ask for any last instructions you might have for this delivery. After his delivery, the carrier sends you an invoice along with the related paperwork. You invoice your shipper next, and soon, you will expect the payment from your shipper. When you receive your check, the circle is usually completed. From then on, it’s a constantly repeating cycle of these steps.

It's a service-oriented business, and it will take you some time in the beginning to build solid and lasting client and partner relationships. However, once you get the hang of all key requirements and processes, it will be a process that flows smoothly.

Can you imagine yourself doing this business?

You have an opportunity to define yourself as a serious brokerage professional in the eyes of partners and competitors using my specialized training program. Every day you put off learning and taking serious steps; another broker is taking loads that YOU could have taken instead.

You Will Learn That Freight Brokering May Not Be That Hard to Get Started In!

In the next several minutes, I will tell you about my program’s framework that will teach you about starting and running a PROFITABLE freight broker business. My program is not a basic introduction – it is a detailed and comprehensive answer to ALL the questions you might have about being a freight broker.

It will deal with not just attaining your broker authority but the other key requirements. Requirements are learning what tools you will need and how to properly use them, finding shippers ready to start working with you and entrust you their loads, or finding and prequalifying motor carriers, including what you'll need to know in regards to the legal part of business to decrease your potential for broker liability.

This program is the finest freight broker training because it will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge to gain a headstart in this business and avoid losing large amounts of time and money.

Supply chain, transportation, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and trucking – all of these are essential parts asat you will come across as a freight broker.

If beginning your freight broker’s journey is what you want, then look no further - this program will get you up to speed and arm you with everything you need to know.

About me:

I’m Michael King. I've been instructing individuals for 11 years on how to begin, maintain and succeed in their freight broker venture. I've been working for over 15 years with other small businesses before I became a broker instructor. Education, coaching, and advising are what I love! So, I've "been there, done that."

When I got into brokering, I generally didn't know what I was doing, and finding help in this industry is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

At some point, I started getting loads – albeit rather slowly. One day, after working with a certain shipper for a few months, he called me and said, "This is Ramon. I've got a load. I need a truck".

After having made numerous phone calls, someone called me at last, and not vice-versa. From there on, business started gradually flourishing.

What Benefits Can You Expect Starting a Freight Broker Business?

Your business after specialized freight broker training:

  • can be run from home
  • has a high return on investment (ROI)
  • does not rely on a single geographic location
  • has comparatively low initial costs
  • how much you earn depends on you because this business has high-income potential if you do everything right
  • you will be your own boss
  • can supplement an existing trucking operation
  • requires no formal education or a related background
  • can be run while you’re on the road
  • with the proper amount of determination, experience, and training - almost anyone can start their own freight brokerage business

Reading this program introduction, you will learn WHAT I have to offer as an instructor and an expert; HOW MUCH it’s going to cost, WHAT is it you will take away from this program, and WHY you can rely on my expertise.

My Freight Broker Training Program Is a System, Based On Six-Part Instruction Guide with Tools, Videos, and Bonus Material

Instruction Guide Sections Teach You:

  • How to set up and organize your company, create broker applications to establish your broker authority, etc.
  • How to use the essential tools to ensure your business is running smoothly, calculate and negotiate rates, install client and partner databases to record, store and analyze information, etc.
  • How to search for shippers and establish business relationships with them by preparing the polished set-up package and employing efficient search strategies you will learn in the program, how to take and manage the orders, etc.
  • How to find and prequalify motor carriers by creating the set-up package suitable for motor carriers, how to work with them and have an effective, profitable business relationship, how to manage and work with trucks and loads, preparing and sending out the confirmations, business agreements and other related documentation.
  • How to find your way around and successfully manage your company finances by using finance management and accounting skills, how to customize load manager applications to suit your business processes, what methods to use for dealing with claims, issues and complaints, etc.
  • How to manage the legal side of the business, deal with legislation, and required rules and policies to know about, CSA2010, MAP21, FAST Act, HOS, how to avoid negligent carrier selection, exposure to broker liability, etc.

Bonus material is mentioned further below.

Six steps that led me from zero clients to having a solid, developed client base.

Your location or the location of your carriers and clients has no meaning; you can learn the skills of the trade and run your own successful business from your couch, if you wish, as long as your partners and clients get a competent, responsible freight broker who does his job well.

This six-part program is the “missing link” successful brokers have learned that others haven’t; you can get a headstart and maximize your income while minimizing the needless losses

This program is your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Continuous Business and Income Streams.

And now, we reach the subject of “profit.”

Freight Broker Training Options

With each option, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive, beneficial and in-depth freight broker training manual – 170 pages long
  • 35 valuable handouts, some of which you’ll customize as you please and use in your business (like the 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement, the load confirmation, the set-up packages, etc.)
  • More than 11 hours videos that explain most of the handouts
  • For the phone and online training: we will email you a link to download the manual. We’ll get together over the phone once or twice a week for 1 to 2 hours per session. We will go through the entire program together – you’ll have the program in front of you on your computer – and I’ll walk you through each part in detail.

With each freight broker training option, except for the Home Study, you will have unlimited support. I’ll provide support to you for as long as you need me. For the Study from Home option, you have up to three months of support through email correspondence.

Choose which freight broker training option is most suitable for you and start thinking about a form of doing business (LLC or sole proprietor, etc.). Start searching for an available business name. I can advise you on some of these initial steps.

I’ve collected a lot of methods and “secrets” that are proven to work that will provide value to you.

For instance: how to create rates and check to see if they are fitting, why giving quotes is not always a good strategy, what to keep in mind when negotiating with both shippers and carriers, how to approach shippers as a guest, not a pest, the pros and cons of meeting face-to-face with shippers, one effective technique that will help deal with low rates from shippers, where to go to find customers who aren’t being called on by every other broker in the country, what to expect when truckers or dispatchers call about your load and why following the crowd will only lead to failure, etc.

However, this program isn’t available for sale online or in bookstores. On the other hand, if you reach out to me today because you’re committed to achieving a stable income stream and growing as a freight broker professional, you’ll have the opportunity to download and learn from this powerful container of information instantly.

What’s even more convenient, if I’m in the office when you submit an order, we will send you the link in approximately 20 minutes to download the materials and start learning.

With this training program, you will acquire timeless skills that will stay with you and bring you profit and value today, tomorrow, and probably 60 years from now.

Specifically, I’m talking about the crucial skills needed in your brokerage business:

  • Finance management
  • Customer acquisition strategies)
  • Operations management
  • Planning and forecasting (and personnel management if you decide to expand your company)

Don’t mistakenly think that this is a lazy, get-rich-quick scheme. You have to get prepared appropriately – professionally and psychologically. I can help with both. You can expect to earn 10 to 20 times your initial investment only because you have prepared yourself with the best freight broker training in the industry, trusted and preferred by many people in the field and further.

Your Profit Potential As a Freight Broker?

This is a frequently asked question, which is understandable.

Factually, the income potential is unlimited. Usually, it will take some time to get properly established.

During the phase of starting and organizing your freight broker business, your overhead and operating expenses will be relatively low. Your most considerable costs are likely to be the telephone, office supplies, load boards, and the trust fund. It depends solely on how you initially build your business structure.

For my live freight broker training in El Paso, Texas, some attendees came from distant places; others couldn’t travel – read this comment below:

The training was outstanding. I was unable to travel for training because of personal matters, and this program offered me the flexibility of training at home at a time that was convenient for me. You were very patient, and I really enjoyed training with you.

– Virginia Lopez from North Miami, FL

Outline of What Our Freight Broker Training Will Give You

№1 - Necessary knowledge to set up and run a successful freight broker business. We will do the applications for broker authority together when you choose the phone and Internet training or the live training in El Paso. You will learn how to search for shippers, take the order, calculate the rates, use the load boards, appoint loads, pre-qualify motor carriers, the different invoicing options there are, various business applications, including current legal issues that affect brokers, and more.

№2 - An easy-to-follow training manual that covers six major subjects, items, videos and bonus material. You will know exactly what to do and how to start after this training program.

№3 - In one-on-one telephone instruction or live freight broker training, we provide support for the questions you have in REAL-TIME. On the last day of live training, we’ll make some real phone calls to potential clients if we there is time. My clients love doing this – very insightful.

№4 - Thanks to our program, you will be able to compete with the most serious competitors without fear – that’s a guarantee!

№5 - We accommodate YOUR schedule – not vice-versa.

Why You Have to Act Fast

The economy is growing at a rapid speed while our population is increasing, and more jobs are being generated while wages are going up. Buyers are demanding more products and services. The result – there will be more freight, there will be greater demand for trucks, and consequently - more demand for competent freight brokers.

This is your opportunity to attain valuable business skills that will serve you well even in any other business; this program will provide you with a freight broker framework needed to lead a successful business and build a durable, profitable client and partner base.

On a Final Note, think About This

A lot of confusion surrounds the freight broker training field; therefore, I’ll provide you with some essential criteria to consider when choosing a training program:

  • Does your freight broker mentor have REAL, verifiable freight broker experience?
  • Do you have the ability to learn without having to purchase expensive software?
  • Is the training truly comprehensive?
  • Is your interactive and practical enough?
  • Does the cost of your training suit your budget? Are you getting VALUE for your money?
  • Has your mentor ever run ANY proven business so that you can be sure that you are receiving knowledge and training from an actual expert?