How to Become A Freight Broker in

7 Simple Steps

Step 1.
Get trained
Step 2.
Broker authority
Step 3.
Broker niche
Step 4.
Рome office
Step 5.
Step 6.
Factoring company
Step 7.
Join the Freight Broker Training.

Join the Freight Broker Training.

There are a few ways You can join a job training, offline or in class studying, and finally online training.

I know that it is very important to pick the most suitable studying method before
You actually start doing it.

Spend some time surfing and learning about advantages and disadvantages, take into account Your priorities and of course your own possibilities, though You might have a little time for attending the training, consider buying an online course.

That will not depend on certain hours.

Join the Freight

Freight Broker Training – 3 Winning Strategies For Becoming A Freight Broker or Freight Agent in 2022

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Obtain a legacy - get Your Freight Broker authority.

Obtain a legacy - get Your Freight Broker authority.

In order to become a legal friend and be able to work as a freight broker You need to get an operating authority.

Don’t be terrified, the whole process doesn’t require any powerful efforts, also You don’t have to provide any testing results, colleague diplomas etc.

The Freight Broker Training course provides You with all the necessary information, gives constant support to our clients, and teaches how to earn money when working safely.

Learn about working nuances with carrier companies.

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help our clients!

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Step 3 –

Pick the best components to Your broker’s niche.

Finding Your Niche might be complicated when You just enter the industry.

There are 4 primary ways to find your niche.

Equipment type

Equipment type

Product type

Product type

Based on geography/lane

Based on geography/lane

Hybrid approach

Hybrid approach

You can read our Tips on how to find a niche right here.

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Set up your freight broker home office.

Set up Your working place.

What can be better than building Your business from A to Z?

It’s always up to You where to work. It may be a comfortable office with a nice view but making Your home an incredible place to work - sounds far better! Why?

You spend 0 time driving because You can just go to another room.

So, by saving money on fuel You can invest in Your company's growth.

Working as a Freight Broker or a Freight Agent at home has these pros:


More independence


Less expenses


More work-life balance


More work flexibility


No commute


Less office distractions


Increased job satisfaction

We should not forget about OBVIOUS cons:


Increased isolation


Risk of overworking


Distractions at home


Workplace disconnect

Are You interested in observing this theme in detail?

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Using the right Software for great profits.

Using the right Software for great profits.

Increase your profits including transportation management software (TMS), internet load boards and customer relationship management software (CRM).

You don’t really need much to work as a freight broker or agent, use one or two load boards, and also check a carrier’s rating on a special platform created for Brokers.

Internet Truckstop – on ITS, brokers can know which carriers have good ratings and current inspections by using ITS's Carrier Performance Ratings (CPR)

Using the right Software
Let a factoring company work for Your needs.

Let a factoring company
work for Your needs.

Factoring companies help brokers by advancing them money to pay carriers before they get paid by shippers.

Freight broker factoring is a form of financing is the process of selling a shipper invoice to a factoring company, which then advances you up to 95% of the invoice to pay your motor carrier and basic operational cost.

Without factoring most freight brokers would never be able to scale their business to 7 figures because in most cases the motor carriers will require payment from the broker before the shipper actually pays the broker.

Using the right Software

You can learn more about the problem by clicking here

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Get orders from Shippers and sell them immediately.

Get orders from Shippers and sell them immediately.

Once a person gets interested in the trucking industry, they ask a question about why shippers do not work directly with carriers.

The answer is simple, shippers don’t have enough time to control the processes at each stage of negotiation and of course transportation.

Those who have industry experience and contacts like to get their first shipping clients from referrals.

Regardless of which channel or strategy you choose, learning how to sell is one of the most valuable skills for a freight broker or freight agent.

Fact is there are top sales people and freight agents that make more than Owner/CEO’s in the freight industry.

Why is that happening? Let us explain.

Using the right Software

As usual, I just want to remind You that learning to sell is the most valuable skill in the world for the average person to earn a 6 figure income.

There are many instruments and approaches of great importance to become a successful freight broker but sales is definitely high on the list


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