Freight Broker Top Software Programs in 2022

Freight Broker Top Software Programs in 2022

Freight broker software is a program which freight brokers use for optimization of their everyday operations and tasks. A lot of people consider freight broker software to be a traffic management program or a freight one but freight brokers use so much software to do their business.

Nowadays freight broker software is so much better than it was in 2003. Presently there are a lot of different variants for freight brokers. So, whether you need a transportation tool for managing, accountancy software, a sales CRM or a freight broker load boards, you can always find something.

 But like every software, one company does this better than another one and some of them take more than others. Relying on my vast experience I want to tell you about some of the leading providers in this industry.

First of all, I`d like to answer the popular question regarding a special program to be a freight broker.  

Of course YES, if you want to become a successful freight broker you will certainly need a specific software to make your job easier and have a possibility to extend your services for the clients.

This is not to suggest that you must buy a software program for $5,000 right now. Most of the people are successful at the beginning of their business and they realize very fast the value of having in use a simple system for effective managing of customer’s freight, invoicing customers and pay carriers.

4 Topical Freight Broker`s Software in 2022

In fact, there are 4 types of software you should review for a freight broker. Sometimes you can find universal solutions and it is really possible to use them for all four purposes. Or even you need 1 or 2 separate programs. Anyway, make sure you are included in these 4 areas:

1. Freight Broker Transportation Management Software

Just as a freight broker you should have transportation management software. A freight broker TMS can help with a general management of shipper loads and also with a price, booking, sending and billing.

A high-quality TMS can help you to lower the cost of the load, to satisfy the customer, to improve the effectiveness and productivity, and moreover to manage your resources better. For this reason it is very important to choose the right TMS.

As a variant you can have it as an autonomous program as powerful integration for cloud-based systems. For freight brokers, a reliable TMS has some advantages. It simplifies a system of supply, tracking shipments and reducing costs.

2. Freight Broker Loading Boards

Freight brokers usually use load boards for searching and contacting road carriers. It’s a profitable option for both sides, because carriers can use it to find loads, while brokers can do the same with trucks. While some load boards take a monthly charge others may be free.

You can visualize it as an online hub where road carriers, freight brokers and freight agents meet. Freight brokers can give access to their loads to motor carriers whereas road carriers can open up their trucks for freight brokers. After that, both parties can contact and work that may be of mutual advantage.

Some load boards offer additional functions like rating tools, carrier registration, insurance and tracking shipment.  

3. Freight Broker Customer Relationships Management Software (CRM)

Your CRM will help you to make daily cooperation with potential customers easy and trouble-free. You can use it to manage the whole client base, system of interactions, and all your channels. Due to CRM your sales will be increased because of reminding you to get in touch with potential customers in time. 

Being a freight broker, it is very important to have a secure CRM because in just a year you will communicate with hundreds if not thousands of new people. If you don’t have software which can help you to lead this process, you will lose touch of valuable relationships easily and just set up lost sales.

Make sure you make an enlightened choice in the first place. Transferring from one CRM software to another is possible but can also be a problem.

4. Freight Broker Accounting Software

Accounting software is the last kind of software you prefer to examine. It gives you a possibility to determine and control all your financial business and if it is used correctly, your accountant will be very happy.

The role of freight brokers` accountancy software is as any small-scale business namely to monitor and administer income, profit, costs, curses, and appropriate financial indicators.

Being a freight broker, you must carry out day-to-day operations such as creating and sending invoices. If it is difficult to do these points for us or it demands additional work you won’t send them on time.

That is why for simplification of accounting monitoring use that kind of software.  You don’t need to copy and insert data from spreadsheets because you’ll have all details about transactions in the same place. You will know for sure what money comes and goes from your business and it maintains your effectiveness.

Top Freight Broker Software For 2022

So you get to know about four types of software which your freight broker`s work needs. Let’s consider the best variants which are based on my 18 year old experience in this field.

Top 10 Freight Broker Transportation Management Software [TMS]

Load Pilot

Load Pilot is a popular TMS software. Its role consists of helping with wording, cargo management, invoicing, booking and organizing. This online program is designed to manage and shift loads as soon as possible. It also has such functions as confirmation rates, BOLs, invoices etc.

Strategy Live

Strategy Live is a cloud-based TMS made for small and mid-level freight brokerages. This program focuses on simplification and optimization of fuel tax management, shipping, driver tracking, delivery details, and driver chargers.

Aljex Software

Aljex is also focused on cloud technology for process automation. It’s intended for 3PLs (third-party logistics operations), consignors and intermodal clients in the United States and North America.

ITS Dispatch by Internet Truckstop

ITS Dispatch is not difficult and easy to use. It has such functions as reviewing and active load control, load producing, sharing and biding a suitable cargo. So you can  use it to create invoices, set credit limits and process accounting tasks.

DAT Broker TMS

DAT is a TMS provider which is suitable for freight brokerages and 3PLs. The system is quite easy to use. Its main functions are integrated accountancy, visual display, uploading tracking and also tight integration with the DAT load board.

BrokerWare by 3PL Systems

BrokerWare is a cloud-based freight brokerage software that finds solutions for 3PLs. It includes such points as staff and client management, carrier and load one. Also it can be rating, shipping, online tracking and search of documents.

Broker Pro Plus Lite by Infinity Software Systems

Broker Pro is necessary for mediators devoted to T and LTL cargos. A single screen is given to dispatchers for building loads, appointing the appropriate carrier, dating input about shipping, confirming email by fax or email and carrying goods for loading boards.

Tailwind Systems

Tailwind TMS is designed for small and medium shipping companies and freight brokerages. It gives additional options that other software doesn’t have. It can be  phone support in real time or multiple currencies.

PowerBroker by McLeod Software

PowerBroker is one of the leading ideas of software for freight brokers. It’s an integrated TMS that also includes complete accounting software.


HubSpot is one of the most famous CRM solutions and they have a solid reputation. They have a free version which is perfect for starting work. It’s a proven tool for the B2B industry – such as freight brokers.


Pipedrive is dedicated to prioritize deals, to monitor the effectiveness, to forecast income, and to handle prospective clients and deals. It has a unique working process that allows it to be very logical and easy to handle.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is perfect for small size businesses. It helps to communicate with clients on multiple channels like email, online chat, social media or telephone and to be notified in real time. It creates actual reports which will be helpful to be in the loop.


Salesforce became highly successful over the last years. It’s reliable and it is suited for large teams. Due to it you will lead to an improvement monitoring a potential retainer and sending them offers to be customers .

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is created to be less irritating. It demands less data capture. It is more directed on the profitability of investments. I know that most freight brokers don’t like data capture, that’s why this CRM is a great variant.

Top 5 Freight Broker Load Boards


DAT is considered as a preferable and reliable partner of Freight Broker Training. It gives a possibility to cover cargos faster than ever before due to access to over 1.3 million trucks, improved spot market rating system, LaneMakers and many other things.


On Truckstop, any cargo carrier can have accessibility to the maximum amount of legal stuff, to work with real brokers and book loads urgently. Brokers can find thousands of reliable transportation companies and shipping agents, cover the loads as soon as possible and find hidden opportunities and profits.


Getloaded is based on a selection of small brokers and the best carriers. Nevertheless, it alleviates bigger brokers and loads. And more to the point it is available and reliable.

123 Load Board

123 Load Board provides deeper understanding of costs connected with loads using such functions as Trans Credit, fuel advance payments and credit checks. It is one of the only load boards offering publish free load.

Direct Freight

It forms from a wide range of functions like filter systems, weather notifications and a configurable alert schedule. It allows you to check a broker’s credit rating to provide safe and reliable load search.

Top 4 Freight Broker Accounting Software


Quickbooks is an accounting software mostly used by small and medium businesses. You can use it for invoicing of the customers, preparing taxes, reporting and paying bills. You can find it in a cloud-based program and a traditional desktop program.


Like Quickbooks, Freshbooks is used for small and medium-sized businesses. But this program differs. It is only cloud-based and it is available through a mobile app. You can use this application for sending invoices, time tracking, administering receipts, costs, and receiving credit cards.


Sage Accounting is perfect for small businesses. It includes such main points as sending invoices, receipts publication and creation of reports. You can get access to your cloud account via mobile phone because they offer a free trial version.


Xero is a New Zealand innovation intended for small and medium businesses. It’s absolutely cloud-based and it is planned to start at a price of $20 a month.