Freight Broker Training – Organizing home office!

There are over 15,000 licensed freight brokers and even more freight agents in the US and a large number of them work from the head office.  For some people it is a socle, for others it is a spare bedroom and it can be a kitchen table for everyone.

Today I would like to tell you about my experience in organizing your home office as a freight broker, a truck broker, a logistics broker or a freight agent including advices and suggestions.

  1. Having a defined work space is an important step, that is why find a place in your house or apartment where you can work conveniently. The main thing consists of speedy accessing of all critical devices and resources you will need during the day.
  2. Assess necessary technical resources you should have in your home office.  As a freight broker or agent you can choose some points for your home office:
  •     unlimited phone service with 1 or preferred 2 available lines
  •     high speed Internet access
  •     the newest computer with a sufficient speed and storage
  •     quality monitor or dual monitors if possible
  •     email service
  •     all in one printer/fax/scanning machine
  •     load board access to post load and search for trucks
  •     business software like Microsoft Office or like this one
  •     freight broker software (programme for optional work)
  1. Set up your office with a view from the window or a place with good lighting. Believe me the sunlight is an integral part of your productivity.
  2. Organize your office where there is a room for a work and a room for storage of files, documents and related paperwork as required.  Don’t take too long, for multitasking it is important to have easy access to tools and resources.
  3. Invest in a quality desk with a spacious work space and a nice chair. They are three things that should not be neglected. Remember you will do business for 8,10, 12 hours a day. You can find a low-cost used desk and/or a chair of a high quality on
  4. Set working hours and inform your friends and family about it. It is important for two reasons:

1) it helps you to come into your own here

2) it helps to avoid excessive and undesirable calls and visits during the working day.

Of course, flexibility means a great chance to be a businessman but it is necessary to have some time to become successful.

In 1994 I began to do my first business and during my career I have worked at home for 4 years.  Then I have assimilated that you must be disciplined working at home office like I work in other places.

After that you understand that there are differences between a home-based work and a desk job. Here are some of these: family, television, refrigerator, home phone, friends/neighbors, mail man, home projects, laundry and many more. If you want to be  a successful home based freight broker or freight agent it is obligatory to minimize everything that your time and energy go and confuse you.

Best wishes in organizing your home office. If you want to get to know more about the ways to become a freight broker or a freight agent read my blog and check out my online freight broker training program.