How to File a Complaint Against a Freight Broker

Well I hope you will agree with me that nowadays it isn`t so difficult to fall into the hands of a fraudster. As experienced conmen have already learned how to properly disguise themselves and cardinal to their dealings, slowly pulling money out of our wallets.

Thus, if you choose the wrong freight broker, it can lead to fatal financial emergency.

But what should you do if you have already made the wrong choice of a broker? There are chances to return the money, but they are low and depend on how much time has passed since the transfer of money to scammers. Let’s look at the most common ways to punish a scammer and get your money back.

How Can You Bring Down a Crook?

First you have to find as much information as possible. Investors usually see information about the status of a broker`s account on the Internet from the screen of a mobile phone or computer. So take the advantage of the situation:

  • take screenshots;
  • ask the broker for information for the relevant period or for specific operations;
  • find and copy data of a broker.

What are the ways to give the money back?

There are two main methods how you can refund your money:

  1. File a claim to the freight broker.

If the broker has not fulfilled the contract terms, then try to solve this problem yourself – send a claim to him. In the complaint describe your dissatisfaction and disappointment and formulate a requirement to get the money back.

As a rule, the claim is sent to the broker by registered mail.


It is important to understand the contract with the broker may contain specifics of compliance with the claim procedure. For example, it can be a special postal address for sending claims, an extended period for considering a claim, etc.

  1. File a complaint against the freight broker.

It’s disappointing when a freight broker isn’t willing to resolve an issue beforehand. So if the first method didn`t go off, you should understand that your broker is a crook that`s why move to the next steps.

Unlike a claim, a complaint must also contain a full legal justification for the claims, as well as, if possible, criticism of the broker’s explanations in response to the claim.

By the way, don`t forget to give feedback on the work of broker on popular sites. Because you help a lot of people and the fraudster can no longer earn in this way.

How to Communicate Safely With a Broker?

Be careful with freight brokers if you are not sure about them!

Use email to communicate with the broker, rather than phone or internal chats in mobile applications – this is a more reliable tool which is often used by courts and law enforcers in resolving disputes.

If you can’t communicate without telephone communication, then record all telephone conversation, as well as to ensure that each conversation includes information about the parties to the negotiations and clearly indicates the problem situation.

How to Understand That the Broker Is a Crook?

So if he does the following don`t trust him:

  • he asks you to buy training materials, insurance or a document, and also pay a commission separately;
  • he offers to install a program on your computer or smartphone;
  • he offers its services for a suspiciously low fee.


There are already many scammers in the world who want to get your money by any means. But the loss of funds on the part of the broker is not a sentence. Try not to delay solving this problem and get your money back as soon as possible.

But it’s better to do everything that depends on you so that you don’t have to deal with such problems. Choose a broker wisely and be sure to insure: save screenshots of correspondence and work with the account.